Remodeling of Outlets in Three Pilot Distributaries Under the Farmer Managed Irrigation Project

The Farmer Managed Irrigation Project in Sindh under the National Drainage Program selected three distributaries on which Farmer Organizations were created.  The International Water Management Institute took responsibility of this pilot project, which addresses the issue of remodeling of outlets to achieve equitable water distribution. Field studies revealed that there was considerable inequity in water distribution both at the head of secondary canals and between watercourses along each canal.  Following discussions about what design discharge should be selected for each of the pilot canals the cross-sections of secondary canals and the elevation and dimension of each watercourse outlet were calculated.  Revised discharges were calculated on the assumption that each canal would receive the same average discharge as had been measured in the first phase of the pilot project. Recommendations are made for the implementation of a remodeling program that fully involves the Farmer Organizations.  They should participate in the design of the outlets, help in construction of canals and outlets, participate in the commissioning of the canal to check that actual discharges meet the designed discharges, and undertake a program of monitoring for equitable water distribution.   This process has to be undertaken jointly with the Area Water Board staff.

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