Restoring the Cheonggye stream in Seoul

Historic Cheonggyecheon restoration works started July 1st 2003. As its demolition works have made rapid progress, the original picture of the Cheonggyecheon can be seen as soon as September 2005. Until now, no concerned traffic crisis has broken out, and the conflict with merchants has been settled for the most part because Seoul government decided to arrange an alternative site at Songpa-district for their new businesses. Main reason why all the eyes home and abroad fixate on this project is that Seoul city has shifted its policy paradigm from development to environment, and made harmony with city paradigm whose focus moved from vehicles to human and from efficiency to equity, leading social changes rapidly. In fact, this project is beyond simple restoration works, rather can be a litmus test to see if Seoul and other cities can come to life again as a globally competitive one.  

This paper is to introduce basic directions and key contents of Cheonggyecheon restoration works.The contents of this paper is organized as follow: Chapter 2 presents environment and problems around downtown and Cheonggyecheon area. Chapter 3 introduces the main contents of its master plan. Chapter 4 discusses basic directions of downtown renewal, and Chapter 5 deals with the proposal for downtown redevelopment followed by the Cheonggeycheon restoration. Chapter 6 gives a conclusion.

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S e o u l D e v e l o p m e n t I n s t i t u te
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