Bangladesh : UN Common Country Assessment Report - 2000

The Common Country Assessment (CCA) is a joint exercise by UN agencies in Bangladesh toassess the development situation of the country, and identify gaps and priorities that merit newor continued focus by the UN agencies under the forthcoming United Nations DevelopmentAssistance Framework (UNDAF) 2001-2005.The preparation of the CCA comes with on-going efforts to enhance collaboration andintegration of UN system activities in the country. It builds upon existing co-ordination under theambit of the Resident Co-ordinator System and on the decision of the Joint Consultative Groupon Policy (JCGP), in 1996, to harmonise programming cycles by 2000. It also builds on theattention given by UN agencies in Bangladesh to co-ordination of development assistance in theextended community of development partners, by means of the Local Consultative Group.The JCGP, now the United Nations Development Group (UNDG), defined the CCA as ajoint compilation and review of a common set of indicators at the country level to provide thebasis for planning and programming activities. It is a collaborative process to collect andreview basic data and information in order to improve understanding of the country'sdevelopment situation in a coherent and focused manner. The CCA is thus designed toidentify, in consultation with national authorities and development partners, those areaswhich merit priority attention for development assistance from the UN system.The CCA forms the basis of the Bangladesh United Nations Development AssistanceFramework (UNDAF) which is a strategic planning and collaborative programming frameworkthat helps to identify priorities for United Nations action consistent with and responsive topriorities of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB). The UNDAF is designed to bring greatercoherence, collaboration and effectiveness to United Nations development efforts in the fieldby identifying common challenges, common responses, common resource frameworks, andpotential partnerships.

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