Applying Innovative Technologies for Cost-effective Wastewater Management

With population growth and the rapid urbanization, more and more highly urbanized centers around the globe are hardpressed in keeping up not only with the ever-increasing demand for clean water but also the provision of services to properly manage wastewater given the significant health, environmental and economicrisks the latter pose.  For governments and water service providers alike, the task at hand presents the challenge of finding ways – innovative solutions – to address such problems. 
The emergence of various technologies and innovations in various shapes and forms presents a welcome relief among water utility operators.  With the unprecedented pace of technological advancement, operators now are given the flexibility to choose among a variety of technical solutions in dealing with wastewater management, depending on the specific objective/s they aim to attain (e.g., operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, cost efficiency, resource recovery, etc.) as well as the operating and regulatory environment they work in.

This case study aims to present the application of innovative technologies as cost-effective solutions in dealing with the wastewater management problem in Metro Manila.  In particular, the intention of the paper is to highlight the efforts of Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (MWSI), being one of the concessionaires currently operating within the metropolis,in selecting and implementing various technological interventions in the efficient provision of wastewater management services to its constituents.

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Wasterwater Innovations in Asia and the Pacific
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