Situation of e-waste management in Cambodia

Importation of second hand of Electric and Electronic Equipment (EEE) into Kingdom of Cambodia will be generated E-waste because of low quality and short period time for using. E-waste generated and handle practiced by formal and informal sector, which is improper practice on storage, collection, transportation and discarding with municipal waste collect and after that disposed at dumping-site. Ministry of Environment (MoE) in role of responsible the prevention, protection as well as minimizing/reduction all activities that impact to human health and environment from all sources polluted is effort to develop project proposal to conduct research, consultation workshop, training workshop and dissemination to stakeholders related to E-waste generation and its impact to human health and environment.

All project supported among technical expert and financial supported under Basel Convention. The international organization especially, Secretariat of Basel Convention(SBC) coordination with Basel Convention Regional Center for South-East Asia(BCRC-SEA) and Basel Convention Regional Center China(BCRC-China), Ministry of Environment, Japan, Ministry of Environment, Korea and UNEP IETC as well, to provided the project proposal to Ministry of Environment, Cambodia through Basel Focal point to research study and developed document reporting on inventory outcome of Electronic and Electric Waste in the Kingdom of Cambodia, national inventory on use EEE in Cambodia, WEEE/E-waste management in Phnom Penh, guideline on the environmentally sound management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in Cambodia and disseminate workshop and training workshop to promote awareness raising  to stakeholders on the environmentally sound management of Electronic and Electrical Wastes and inventory of E-waste manual etc, which are implemented by Cambodia Environmental Association (CEA) and Department of Environmental Pollution Control (DEPC). 

Base on national inventory on using EEE in Cambodia, the importation of EEE/UEEE has been continuously done into the Kingdom of Cambodia with different amounts responding to internal demands. From 2000 to 2006, imported TVs have 903,334 sets (Colour 271291 sets, and black-white 632,043 sets); air-con 193,391 sets; refrigerator 91,935 sets; PC 14010 sets; MP 343,033; and washing machine 30,941 sets. Remarkably, these combined EEE/UEEE statistics have recorded by responsible institutions, while importers registered and asked for permission to import these materials/facilities. 

The inventory has indicated the waste generation by type of UEEE such as: TV sector has great amounts of 40,983.00 kg, while air-con’s wastes have 13,318.80 kg, MP’s wastes 2,016.24 kg, and PC’s wastes 1,310.40 kg (CEA report 2007).  The increasing e-waste generated every year and implementation of the informal sector of the activities of collection, transportation, repairing, reassemble and dismantling, which is unsound management during practicing; it will cause effect to human health and environment.

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