Medical Waste Management

The world is generating more and more waste and hospi-tals and health centres are no exception. Medical waste can be infectious, contain toxic chemicals and pose contamina-tion risks to both people and the environment. If patients are to receive health care and recover in safe surroundings, waste must be disposed of safely. Choosing the correct course of action for the dìerent types of waste and setting priorities are not always straightfor-ward, particularly when there is a limited budget. This manual provides guidance on what is essential and what actions are required to ensure the good management of waste.Drawing on the most up-to-date professional practice, the manual provides practical recommendations for use in the dìerent contexts where the ICRC works. It includes techni-cal sheets ready for use, ideas for training and examples of job descriptions for hospital stà members. The guidance in this manual is applicable in resource poor countries as well as in countries where there is a more developed health infrastructure.

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ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross
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