Clean Energy Future and Carbon Pricing

Recent federal legislation introduces a mechanism for pricing greenhouse gas emissions. The price is fixed for an initial three years from July 2012 to July 2015, starting
at $23 per tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (t CO2-e) and rising in the following two years by 2.5% plus the rise in the consumer price index (CPI). From July 2015, a
cap-and-trade system will operate with a flexible price determined by the market. In the first years of the flexible price period a floor price of $15/t CO2-e plus CPI plus
4% per year will be applied. 
Liability for the carbon price falls on sites which annually emit 25,000 t CO2-e or more. The methods to determine liabilities are those of the National Greenhouse and
Energy Reporting (NGER) Act. The liable entity is generally the organisation with operational control of the facility. This could be a local government.
Carbon pricing acts largely to support the existing directions of councils’ waste strategies, diversion from landfill and waste minimisation
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Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group
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